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Turkish law allows foreigners to buy real estate inside Turkey online, without the need to visit Turkey, through regular procedures, and you can obtain all your rights as an actual owner of the property after buying it online.

5 steps to start your property investment in Istanbul online

  1. Getting full details about current investment opportunities by our consulting team.
  2. Online real estate tours, while you are in your country through a video call, to get a better idea about the project.
  3. Evaluating the offers, to choose the most appropriate property
  4. Reserve the property, when sending the reservation amount to the construction company.
  5. Preparing contracts, then sending them to you in order to complete the purchasing procedures

Why did property sales in Turkey, increase online?

  • The preventive measures against the spread of the Coronavirus, which led to the suspension of flights to and from Turkey
  • The presence of significant restrictions on roaming
  • Tend the construction companies in Turkey to sell their properties online and provide reassuring guarantees to their customers
  • The media and advertising power of Turkey’s real estate
  • Ease of transferring the price of the property via bank transfer, and the ease of sending ownership documents to the buyer
  • The cost of buying online is lower than the real estate purchase costs directly, especially since there are no travel costs or hotel reservations pending the sale process, and other side’s costs.
  • Buying real estate is a safe portfolio of investors’ funds, coinciding with the suspension of hundreds of thousands of investments around the world, making investors more willing to own real estate.

With no additional costs! Real estate tours for projects while you are in your country

We are with you in every step of the way you need to buy a property securely online!

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